Sulfur is yellow in a gentler hue
As displayed by the cockatoo.
Lady and man are both blessed
With a glorious yellow crest

You can use this  part of the book to…

  • talk about parts of organisms
  • promote awareness of different colors in the spectrum
  • check for color blindness (see Consider below).

Shades of yellow

Sulfur as a color is a shade of yellow.  Sulfur as a material is the fifth most common element on Earth. As we see in the book, it often occurs as a rock.  It is essential to our diet.    We introduce it here to show off  the sulfur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua galerita).  As with many parrots, this cockatoo has a crest that it raises when excited or concerned. Male and female birds have the crest.   It is made of specially-shaped feathers.

As a natural chemical compound,
Sulfur appears on the ground,
Pushed up from down below
By players such as a volcano.
Sulfur leaves its yellow mark
Especially in this national park

The ‘National Park’ referred to is Yellowstone National Park. It gets its name from the yellow sulfur deposits.  Yellowstone straddles Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  It was the first body of land set aside for public, but was not initially called a National Park – that title goes to the Royal National Park, in Australia.  Yellowstone is very unusual because volcanic activity is very close to the surface. Underground water is heated and may suddenly boil and spurt  out of the ground (as with Old Faithful geyser), or bubble up as mud, or simply vent as hot gases.  These activities bring sulfur to the surface.  This is why the region is called ‘yellow’ stone. 

The picture shows a small stream in Yellowstone. It is green because of bacteria that are growing in it. To the right near the photographer sulfur has been brought to the surface and has trickled across the surface leaving the surface yellow. 

A piece of sulfur rock

Sulfur rocks of this zone,
Gives it the name ‘Yellowstone’

Sulfur can occur in many forms.  In black muds and sludge at the bottom of lakes, it is often present in the form of sulfide compounds.  This has the smell of rotten eggs.  However, sulfur also occurs as rocks, and here we have a small fragment of rock sulfur.   So sulfur is a color and a rock.

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